Does Divly provide tax advice?
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As per our Terms & Conditions, Divly does not provide tax advice. If you want personalized help then you should always seek professional advice from your accountant or tax lawyer.

Why can't Divly provide tax advice?

Divly is an automated Do-It-Yourself platform and as such it relies on the actions of the user to calculate taxes properly. This in turn allows Divly to offer a service many times cheaper than the average accountant or tax lawyer. However, we cannot assume that people use the platform correctly. Although Divly does occasionally use tax lawyers when building our tax engine but the platform is not audited by a third party.

Where can I get tax advice?

In case you are looking for a tax lawyer, Divly can often help by referring you to one for your country. To do so, reach out to our support and if possible we will refer you to a local tax lawyer.

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