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Can I pay someone to do my taxes for me?
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In some countries Divly has partnered with local experts that can help you sort out your crypto taxes. There are two core services offered: Account Service and Tax Service.

Extra tax services

Account Service

Receive individual support importing transactions into Divly, a complete review of your account, validation of all transactions, and creation of a crypto tax report.

This is great if you simply need some extra help reviewing your account because you are uncertain that you have done everything correctly. It can be nice to have some extra peace of mind.

Tax Service

Have a knowledgeable local tax advisor provide personalized tax advice and/or prepare your tax return for you.

This is useful if you have complex transactions or cases that require specific knowledge. Can also be relevant if you have large gains and want an expert to handle everything for you.

How do I purchase the Account Service or Tax Service?

  1. Login to your Divly account and go to the pricing page.

  2. If available to your country, click Request Service for either Account Service or Tax Service depending on your needs.

  3. Fill in the details. A representative will be in contact with you shortly after.

If this does not work, feel free to reach out to Divly's online chat support!

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