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Why did my wallet import fail?
Why did my wallet import fail?
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Sometimes you may experience issues importing your transactions. Usually an error message will pop up explaining the reason. You can also click on the bell icon in the top right to see more details.

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Each supported wallet can have unique issues

In many cases the error can be related to the specific wallet you are trying to import transactions from. To find out if this is the case, ensure that you have followed the specific instructions and common issues for that wallet.

Not all import methods support every transaction type. This often depends on what the wallet/exchange provides in their exports. Divly maintains each import to the best of its ability given the data provided.

Common reasons why importing transactions can fail

Below are some of the main reasons why importing transactions can fail. If you are uncertain why it failed, feel free to reach out to our customer support in the bottom right hand-corner of our website.

Uploaded the wrong file

Sometimes an exchange provides multiple types of files. Please ensure you follow the exact steps found in the wallet guide by Divly to ensure that you download the correct file!

Uploaded an empty file with no transaction data

Please open your file and check that the file is not empty. Sometimes this happens if you select the wrong dates when exporting your file.

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The file is too large

In rare cases the file may include so many transactions that the server can't upload it. In these cases please split the file up into smaller files and try again.

Typed in the wrong API keys

Sometimes users copy - paste in the wrong keys or passphrase into the wrong field. Please check the wallet guide if you are unsure. If the problem persists contact our support team.

Typed in an incorrect blockchain address

If you are importing directly from a blockchain address, please ensure you have typed it in correctly. If the problem persists contact our support team.

Some transactions are missing

If an exchange has added new transactions types (such as referral rewards), Divly may not have logic built to handle them. In this case you can see whether transactions have been skipped on purpose or by accident in the notifications sidebar. Divly tries to build logic to proactively find these cases, but we appreciate when users notify us of it as well.

To see the notifications sidebar, click on the bell icon in the top right hand corner in the Divly platform. From there you will be able to see the status of every import you conducted.

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If you are still having issues importing your transactions

Contact Divly support via our online chat in the bottom right hand corner. Our friendly staff will do their best to resolve the issues you are facing!

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