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Can I use both File Import and Automatic Import for the same wallet?
Can I use both File Import and Automatic Import for the same wallet?
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For best results, avoid using two different import methods for the same wallet or exchange. For example, if you are importing your Kraken transactions, use either the File Import OR the Automatic Import, but not both.

How transactions are exported can differ between an exchanges file export and their automatic API export. This can lead to Divly incorrectly importing duplicate transactions.

Unless the wallet guide clearly states that you can mix and match the two different import methods, you should avoid doing this. It is better to choose one method and stick with it for each unique wallet or exchange.

When does it make sense to use both methods?

There are two reasons that we know of where it makes sense to mix and match the import methods.

  1. When the Automatic Import does not capture all transaction types. In these cases it is ok to import a file with the missing transaction types. If you do this, make sure to isolate the missing transactions in the file to avoid uploading other duplicate transactions.

  2. When swapping from File Import <> Automatic import for future transactions. Make sure you only import transactions from the date of the last transaction in the previous import method you used. This can be done when adding the new wallet.

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