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How do I rename a wallet?
How do I rename a wallet?
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Yes! You can customize the names of each wallet by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Wallets page and click on your imported wallet.

  2. Click the button Edit Name.

  3. Enter your desired wallet name and click Update Wallet.

Multiple wallets from the same provider

You can also set the wallet name when importing a new wallet. Look for Optional Settings -> Wallet Name.

Why it can be useful to set custom wallet names

Each wallet in Divly has its own unique ID and can be customized to have its own name. This means you can for example import 5 different Ethereum addresses and name them differently so you remember what they are used for. This can help you organize your transactions across many different sources.

A few examples of names could be, "Mining Wallet", "Token Wallet", "My child's wallet", "My NFT Collection" etc. Use whatever makes sense to you!

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