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Step 3: Review your transactions
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Now that you have gone through the process of importing all of your transactions, its time to do a health check to ensure that everything looks good before you declare your taxes. We'll walk through a list of things that will help you know whether anything needs to be fixed.

Note: Often everything is fine and no edits are required to be made. In this case you can move on to the next part of the guide and declare your taxes.

However, if you have been using complex transaction types or exchanges with poor transaction exports, then you may need to complement your transactions and make edits

Confirm that your crypto balances are correct

The best place to start is by checking that the total crypto you own matches the number displayed in Divly. Divly calculates your holdings by summing up all the transactions you have imported.

To do this, start by navigating to the Overview page. Check that each individual crypto listed is indeed the number you own. Divly does not display your fiat currencies so please ignore them in this exercise.

If one of your crypto holdings shows the wrong balance, something needs to be updated or fixed. The most common culprit is that not all transactions have been imported.

Check your wallets

If this is the case, double check on the Wallets page that all of your wallets have been imported. If you remember one that you have missed, please click on Add Wallets & Exchanges to import it.

Important: Some exchanges don't allow their customers to export all transaction types which may require you to add them manually in Divly. You can always check what transaction types are supported by a wallet in Divly by expanding the Supported transactions field. This can be found on the add wallets page.

Check your transactions

If you find that all of your wallets have been imported already, then the next step will be drilling down into each wallet to find out what is wrong. Typically it will be one of the following issues:

  • A transaction is missing

  • A transaction was imported twice

  • A transaction has the wrong value for a cryptocurrency

To find out, go to the Transactions page in Divly. Here you will be able to filter by each wallet and/or cryptocurrency to make your search easier.

Note: If a specific currency is displaying the incorrect balance on the Overview page, you can easily filter by this currency. This will make it easier to figure out where the discrepancy lies.

Once you have found what the error(s) are. You can solve it by adding the missing transactions, deleting the duplicate transactions, or editing the transactions with wrong values. If there are many transactions that require editing or deleting, feel free to use the batch editing functionality.

Rinse and repeat

Keep repeating the process for every crypto until the values on the Overview page in Divly matches your actual holdings. We want to ensure everything is correct before declaring!

Resolve transaction warnings

In some cases Divly cant find a price for a specific crypto or it cant find at what price you purchased a crypto for. In these cases Divly will create a warning for each respective transaction that you can find by clicking the filter Consider Reviewing found on the Transactions page.

In most cases its quite easy to resolve and won't take too much time. You can find a guide on how to solve each warning here:

Check that Transfers are matched

Divly automatically attempts to match transactions where you send crypto from one of your wallets to another. Assuming you have uploaded all transactions, Divly's algorithm usually works flawlessly by matching a withdrawal from one wallet to a deposit in another wallet.

However, there are cases where a withdrawal and deposit is not matched. As such it can be worth manually checking deposits and withdrawals to make sure none of them should in fact be a transfer. You don't want to pay extra taxes! You can manually match or create transfers when needed.

Label relevant deposits & withdrawals

Different types of crypto transactions can have specific tax effects. This includes transactions like giving gifts, loosing crypto, mining, forks, airdrops etc. You want to ensure all transactions are labeled correctly.

In many cases Divly will automatically label transactions for you, but sometimes this is impossible for Divly to do with the data provided. It falls on you as the user to label these transactions correctly. For more information on what each label represents, please see this FAQ article.

To label transactions, go to the Transactions page. Select the transaction(s) you want to label and select the correct one from the dropdown.

Note: You can label up to 500 transactions at the same time in Divly by using our batch editing feature.

Proceed to the final step!

If you have questions regarding this step, feel free to read our extensive Transactions FAQ. Once your portfolio is in order, you can proceed to the final step - Step 4: Declare your taxes.

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