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How do I manually match a transfer?
How do I manually match a transfer?
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When sending crypto between your wallets, it is important to correctly account for the transfer to avoid paying excessive capital gains taxes. When importing transactions into Divly, one wallet will show a Withdrawal and the other will have a Deposit. By matching these two transactions, Divly will combine them into a Transfer.

Divly tries to automatically match them to create a Transfer, however the algorithm is not bulletproof. In these cases you should match them manually in the Divly interface as explained below.

Tip: Often transfers are not matched because you forgot to import where it was sent either To or From. Try importing all your transactions first before you start matching or converting transactions into transfers manually.

Matching two transactions into a transfer

To manually match a transfer in Divly do the following:

  1. Go to the Transactions page.

  2. Select the relevant Withdrawal and Deposit by clicking the box on the left of each transaction.

  3. Click the button Match Into Transfer at the top.

Converting one transaction into a transfer

It is also useful to convert a Deposit or Withdrawal to a Transfer if you can only import one side of the Transfer into Divly.

You can convert a Deposit or Withdrawal into a Transfer by clicking the Convert to Transfer button within the individual transaction and selecting what wallet is .

Convert to transfer manually

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