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Why are my results different from other crypto tax calculators?
Why are my results different from other crypto tax calculators?
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There are multiple reasons why results might differ between different tax calculators as the systems are very complex to build. Results from different tax calculators may vary depending on certain factors.

Important: Before comparing, make sure that the other tax calculator has localized support for your country. Divly specializes heavily in the countries we support and often has more customized settings than other tax calculators.

Below is a list of the most common reasons.

  • Not importing all crypto transactions in both tax calculators.

  • Different crypto tax calculators may auto-label or import transactions slightly differently. The only way to compare results properly is by going through each transaction and comparing it side by side.

  • Different tax calculators use different pricing databases which means that sometimes crypto market prices may differ slightly on specific days (especially on days with large market volatility).

  • Not all tax calculators are engineered for specific countries. Be wary whether the tax calculator you are comparing to has deep knowledge of your local tax system. At Divly we do extensive research before releasing specialized support for a new country.

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