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Is the tax report available for my country?
Is the tax report available for my country?
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A list of countries with specialized support can be found on our Features page. There you can select the country of your choice for more details.

Divly has built localized crypto tax reports that can be efficiently used to submit crypto taxes to a growing list of tax authorities around the world. We do a lot of research and follow recommended guidelines provided by the local tax authority. For complex cases we also use local tax lawyers to check that our output is correctly formatted.

What if my country is not supported by Divly?

If your country is unlisted on the Features page, you will still be able to use Divly and download the Global Tax Report. The information provided in this report may be enough for your tax jurisdiction but please seek professional advice if you are unsure. You can send this example file to your accountant or tax lawyer to find out if it is suitable for your needs.

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