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How do I download my tax report?
How do I download my tax report?
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Once you have successfully added your wallets, imported your transactions, and are ready to submit your crypto taxes, follow the below steps to declare your crypto taxes.

  1. Go to the Tax Report page in Divly.

  2. Select the Tax Year in the dropdown that you want to submit.

  3. Click the button Generate Tax Report. If not already done, you will need to purchase one before downloading the report. You can download the tax report as many times as you'd like afterwards.

  4. Select the report you want to generate. These reports differ between countries.

  5. Download the file by clicking on the file name that has been generated under Your files.

  6. Follow the instructions in the downloaded tax report to correctly submit it to your local tax authority.

Download tax report steps

Tip: You can generate and download your tax report as many times as you want.

If you encounter any issues feel free to read Divly's tax guide for your country.

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