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How do I find the transactions I want to see?
How do I find the transactions I want to see?

Save time reviewing transactions by using the filters in Divly.

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You can easily filter transactions in Divly to help you check and edit transactions. Simply select the parameters at the top of the page accordingly.

  • Filter by Currencies

  • Filter by Wallets

  • Filter by Transaction Types

  • Filter by Labels

  • Filter by Start and End Dates

  • Filter by Warnings (click the button Consider Reviewing).

To clear all filters, click the button Clear filters.

Filter transactions

To view more than 25 transactions at a time, change the Rows per page found at the bottom of the page.

When is it useful to use the filter?

Filtering can come in handy when using the transactions page. Here are only a few of many possible use cases:

  • To check if all the transactions from a new wallet were imported correctly.

  • To check if you have any warnings that need to be resolved.

  • To filter deposits or withdrawals to easily label many at the same time.

  • To only view transactions for specific dates when updating a wallet.

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