Can I get a refund?
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Assuming certain criteria are met you can be eligible for a refund. Please send your request to [email protected] and include the reason along with your receipt.

How to request a refund

We work hard at Divly to provide the best experience possible. If you contact our support team we will try our best to accommodate any issues you may have. Divly also offers an extensive free tier allowing you to import all your transactions and preview capital gains before choosing to purchase our service.

Despite this, if you still are not satisfied with the service, we do offer refunds if the following requirements are met.

  1. You make the request within 14 days of purchasing the service.

  2. The reason for refund is related to a bug or issue that Divly is unable to resolve within a reasonable time frame.

  3. You have not downloaded any tax reports. This does not apply if the issue is related to the tax report.

Please contact [email protected] to request a refund and include both the reason and receipt in the email.

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