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Is it safe to share my transactions with Divly?
Is it safe to share my transactions with Divly?
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Divly is a premium service to help people calculate and submit their crypto taxes. We use industry standard practices to secure your data. We do not sell your information to third parties such as other companies or government agencies. We do not perform any KYC. Divly only requires an email address and your pseudonymous crypto transactions to generate your taxes. Feel free to use a temporary email / protonmail.

Note: You can delete all your transactions, synched wallets, and your Divly account at any time.

Importing transactions safely

When importing transactions to Divly this is typically done via the File Import or Automated Import method. If you choose to use the Automated Import, please ensure to use Read Only API keys that provides access to the transaction data only. You can read more about best practices when importing data using API keys.

Information about Divly

Divly is run by a registered company in Sweden under the name Ragnaros AB (organization number: 559322-7530). Divly™ is a registered EUIPO trademark owned by Ragnaros AB. You can find information about the people operating Divly and links to their public LinkedIn profiles on our About Page.

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