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How do I create a Divly account?
How do I create a Divly account?

Learn how to register an account with Divly.

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You can create a Divly account for free by navigating to the sign up page and registering using either an email address or your Google Account.

Tip: It does not cost anything to create an account on Divly. Multiple features are available for free!

Onboarding Steps

Divly will take you through a few steps in order to apply the correct settings for your account. This should take at most a few minutes!

Are you an accountant or tax professional?

Please contact [email protected] if you would like access to Divly's Professional Tax Suite. This will allow you to manage multiple clients in a single view across your organization.

Are you using Divly for your company's accounting?

Divly can solve multiple pain points for companies that need information in regards to their cryptocurrency holdings for bookkeeping purposes. Please see our help section for businesses to learn how you can use Divly for accounting purposes.

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